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Demanding Change

On June 10, 2019, Dear UNL met with Chancellor Ronnie Green and Chief of Staff, Mike Zeleny, to discuss how, from the first step of the reporting process to the final resolution, current sexual misconduct responses and practices violate Title IX law and retraumatize survivors of sexual assault.

Dear UNL created and shared a list of demands to the University of Nebraska to outline specific action items UNL's central administration must take to structurally and culturally reform the Title IX office in order to fulfill Title IX guidelines and ensure every member of the UNL community is safe.

October 14th Update: 

It has been over 4 months since Dear UNL delivered demands to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Since then, Chancellor Green has handed the critical issue of a broken Title IX process to UNLPD, university communications, and student government with no sustainable direction. Chancellor Green announced the Title IX Collaborative workgroup but this committee has yet to form, let alone meet.


Our demands remain unacknowledged while the Red Zone continues and survivors suffer in the interim. This system is broken and while Chancellor Green does nothing, Dear UNL is ready and willing to help move UNL's campus to a more just and equitable place for survivors, but our attempts continue to be unanswered.






Accountability in the form of creating an Oversight Committee for the reporting process that prioritizes student and survivor feedback about how UNL addresses and responds to sexual misconduct cases and to provide a set of checks and balances for the Title IX office.



More transparency in the execution of Title IX processes, along with the processes of all other relevant campus departments, including but not limited to University Health Center, University Police Department, Residential Life, and Student Conduct and Community Standards.


Demand Three: STAFFING

Additional staff must be hired in order to handle cases of sexual misconduct and expand current resources for survivors.



A stronger investment is needed into the support of survivors of sexual misconduct at UNL, including the expansion of survivor accommodations/modifications and support resources.


Demand Five: TRAINING

A more comprehensive, trauma-informed training program for all persons involved in the Title IX process so that they have an adequate understanding of the dynamics of sexual misconduct, the effects of trauma, and how to appropriately interact with survivors of sexual misconduct. 

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